Protecting your valuables is a serious investment. Spending for a safe that can do beyond storing will never make you regret. Are wall safes fireproof? The answer is here.

Don’t lock the stable door after the horse has bolted. Keep your assets secure today with a wall safe.

More than that, you want to ensure all your importance are protected even in a harsh condition like fire.

The question is “are wall safes fireproof?” The answer is right below.

How wall safe fireproof?

Safes with a layer of fireboard can withstand the heat.

This board has a thickness from 1/4 to 5/8 inches contains moisture to cool the interior for a sure time.

Composite material sandwiched similar to concrete will keep the heat from penetrating the inside space. Better than that, it doesn’t add bulk to the box.

K-wool is another standard claimed to stand 2,300 F in one hour. Other than that, factory certify is one label that many manufacturers perform on their own.

Note that the ratings you read on the specs are guestimate without any third-party witness. It can be accurate and deceptive at the same time.

How fireproof is tested?

UL and ETL are the independent labs legit for conducting such tests.

What they do is putting the safe from 1,200 F and counting the time.

UL has the most accurate measurement that imitates the reality. They also do experiments with explosion test and drop test.

ELT, on the other hand, is credited as a testing agency of the Gun Safe industrial standard. They are reliable for independent work under no commitment of any manufacturer. Conclusions are withdrawn from pure performance data and scientifically analyzed.

Is fireproof safe absolute?

The protection is only partly true.

Flame resistance allows the safe to stand in fire from one to some hours. Anything that goes below an hour, the safe won’t make it through a fire.

So, would you rather spend some extra for better protection? Or no fireproof at all?

Since there is no standard for fireproof rating, you can only rely on the honesty of the brand.

But the world is not that worse. You can find trustable wall safe providers all around the market.

What fire rating to spend the money for?

Particular materials are more susceptible to heat than others.

If you store paper-based stuff like cash or documents, remember that when the temp passes 350 F, the material tends to discolor. At 451 F, it will ignite.

Firemen reported that a fire ranges from 800 to 1,200 F can be put down in 20 minutes if it does not rage through the neighborhood.

That means, if your lockbox can remain the cool temperature inside more than one hour, you can hope your assets survive the unfortunate event.

If the cash and contracts are your life, it makes sense to buy the best ratings you can afford.

Fire rating standards

A wall safe is more reliable if it passes one of these regulations. The rate also suggests a certify of an explosive test.

1/2 Hour – U.L.™ class 350 Rate

Underwriter Laboratory rate allows the safe to resist an exterior temp of 1,550 F in half an hour.

During this time, the inside will heat-up gradually and char paper if it has enough time to reach the burn point.

1 Hour – U.L™ class 350 Rate

Not hard to understand. The safe at this rate has a thicker layer of insulation to stand longer in the fire.

This rate is most common in the line as people believe that one hour is what it takes to extinguish a fire.

2 Hour – U.L™ class 350 Rate

The extreme standard is recommended for valuables that cost a life. It guarantees your assets to stay meh in the flame for two hours.

It is possible to conduct a rescue in this period. In a likable booming situation, the box can resist the force. If it’s unavoidable to drop it from a height, the safe will stay locked when hit the ground from 30 feet.

Make the safe equation equal

Fireproof is an additive factor to the safe box math problem. Since thief is not the only threat, there are more eminent menaces to cope with.

To answer whether wall safes are fireproof or not, we have to look at how it is manufactured.

If the product is meant to live through the fire, it is considered being resisting the fire though that ability can’t last forever.

Nonetheless, the term “fireproof” seems to be exotic to the current standard of wall safes on the market. We would say resistance fits the case better.

So, make yourself aware of that and know what you must prioritize when the unfortunate happens.

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