Having a safe has become a trend in today’s modern home. It also leads to one of the most difficult decisions for any homeowner to make is to find the best location to install their safe or wall safe.

On the one hand, you want to have all your important documents and valuable items as close to you as possible. On the other hand, you also want to keep them hidden away from anyone else but you.

In this article, we will walk you through all the hints and tips to help you come up with the final location for your safe that makes the most sense with your home’s layout.

The essential knowledge involving in the safe location


This is the main reason why anyone would want a safe inside their house to protect themselves against intrusion and property theft,

The best way for your safe to be kept hidden against thieves is to think as they think.

When a thief illegally enters the house, they would want to minimize their time while ransacking the location and get away as soon as possible with the most valuable items.

A thief will always look through the master room, living room first and then make their way to the bedroom before checking out the rest of the rooms.

If you plan to have a safe there, it is best to keep safe out of plain sight or hidden inside a secret area or the walls.


Fire is another threat that can destroy all the contents inside your safe. The longer the fire burns, the more chance that it will consume all the valuables inside your safe, even if it is advertised as fireproof.

Usually, the fire tends to happen around the kitchen area, then the garage. That means you should not keep you safe anywhere near these areas.

Do not forget that:

In case of fire, it might be hard for you to reach your safe and retrieve all the important items. So you should plan to have a fire extinguisher in the best reachable area to deal with these situations.


If you live in the areas where flood often happens around the rainy season, it is also critical to keep in mind that a flood can slowly damage your safe. The damp moisture may corrode the contents inside the safe.

That is why you should install your safe in the dry place. If you have the wall safe, also avoid any walls where the water can easily leak through.

Where to install the safe?

Remember that:

There is no specific location in your house where you must install the wall safe there.

The safe wall location usually depends on various conditions such as the size of your safe, what is the content that is stored inside the safe and how often you would access them.

Choosing the location depending on the safe size

The floor type safe is one of the most readily available in the market. These types of safe can vary from smaller safe to a large vault that provides maximum protection and security.

The main drawback of the floor type safes is that they are usually planted inside the floor tile. That is why it is more suitable to purchase this safe if you build or own the house.

Many of the rented house or apartment do not allow any rework of the floor plan. But if there is a basement, it is also a good location to place your floor safe there.

Another type of safes is wall safe which comes from small to medium size.

One of the main advantages of this safe type is the ability to hide it in any room in the house. In the case of illegal intrusion, it will be difficult for the thieves to spot out the safe’ s location.

The best place for the wall safe to be built is to find a good wall spot inside your house where it will not make it obvious that there will be something hidden behind the cover.

There are a lot of good offers in the market for wall safe that can be built together with a mirror frame or a picture frame. You can put these wall safe in any shallow walls, and it will always remain secret to anyone but you.

Last but not least, the most common type of safe that you probably find anywhere is the freestanding safe (think of the safe inside the hotel)

This type of safe, while comes in various sizes, often appears with a small size that fits perfectly inside a closet.

To make up for the fact that these safes can be carried away quickly, the lock mechanism is more complicated to crack compared to other types of safe.

You should be comfortable to place these safes in any corner that you see fit.

Choosing the location depending on the safe’ contents

As a rule of thumb, a wall safe should be placed where you can access its content easily. For example, if you use your home safe to store important documents, it should be placed inside the study or working room.

If you want to protect your jewelry and other valuable items, it would be the best choice to keep the safe inside the bedroom where you most likely will retrieve the jewelry frequently.

Furthermore, the safe that stores guns and other weapons should also be inside the bedroom where you can open it as fast as possible in case of an emergency.

Final tip

Now you should have all the knowledge needed to find a location specific to your house.

One more final tip that you might find necessary.

Do not choose the garage as the place for your safe installation.

As you can see, it is one of the most common entry places of thieves, as well as being the place that is open to the public eyes, can start a fire, or far away from you.

Finally, it is not that hard to find the best place for your safe placement. When you have lined up all the concerns and advice from this article, you are guaranteed to find a great spot in your home for your valuables.

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