Considered as the best kind of safes for any office and house, a wall safe has gained wide popularity nowadays. Before discussing in further details of how to hide a wall safe, you may wonder why people prefer a wall safe to a home safe?

Wall safe

Though both  kinds of safes are useful and durable, wall safes tend to be a better option for some special advantages.

Firstly, a wall safe is the easiest one to conceal. Also, thieves always prefer to take the whole safe then run away. Hence, a safe hidden on the wall makes it more difficult for thieves to figure out and unlock.

Secondly, it’s easy to order and install the product for the owner. Wall safes are suitable for a few items stored such as jewelry, valuables, documents and files.

Thirdly, the wall safe takes up little space in your office and house due to its small size and weight. Also, installing at a high position on the wall can hide it from thieves and keep out of the reach of children.

So, how to perfectly hide a wall safe? There are hundreds of ways, but we’d like to recommend you the top five most clever ones.

Top 5 Amazing Suggestions On How to Hide a Wall Safe

Are you ready to know these five special places? Here we go!

Behind the Furniture

The first and foremost choice is behind the furniture. However, which one would be suitable for this important mission?

Well, if you are a fan of action movies, you probably are used to watching a burglar looking for a wall safe. Where is the first place he would search for?

That’s maybe a wall safe hidden after a picture. So, if we are trying to cover your valuable things but you only have a picture in your house, that will never be a good option then.

Let’s try to find another unique furniture. For example, set your wall safe behind a table, sofa or an armchair. Burglars would hardly ever look for their target things there.

Another perfect choice is behind musical instruments such as guitar, organ, especially piano. Even if burglars know your safe wall is behind these things, they wouldn’t be able to reach it.

Just think of how much time and effort to move the piano and open a safe behind it.

Moreover, some men tend to own guns for self- protecting or night hunting. Better to find a proper wall safe to keep all those weapons. Thus, a wall safe behind a mirror is also a good consideration in this case.

A wall safe for guns

Behind a Picture or Painting

Shouldn’t we hide a wall safe behind a picture? What if we still want to do it?

OF COURSE, you still can do it.

BUT only in case there are SOME pictures and paintings rather than just one.

If you are a fan of arts who decorates the house with many different paintings and pictures, it’s still wonderful to install a wall safe after one among them.

Can you guess where the wall safe is among these paintings?

Though thieves have known that the wall safe is hidden behind a picture or a painting, they couldn’t choose and find a certain painting within a limited time.

Imagine it might take hours for a thief to find a wall safe, and some more hours to unlock the safe. Well, if we call robbery is a treasure hunting, let’s play a joke on poor burglars. They must be so confused to decide where the exact picture  among tens or hundreds of pictures.

In an Unusual Room

Usually, people install their wall safes in their bedroom or closet.

  1. It is no longer a good idea at present.

Because burglars know that you will always want to hide your valuables in a private place near you, they may look for the targets in your bedroom and closet immediately.

Therefore, let’s do something new – keep your wall safe hidden in a different place.

So, what about the second bedroom where we rarely sleep in or our child’s room? They are the last places burglars would search for valuables. There’s low chance for burglars to figure out your secret place then.

Toy’s room with many toy shelves is also a maze for a burglar. Make sure the wall safe is placed secretly beyond the reach of our children. Certainly no one wants them to play with this kind of significant machine.

Nevertheless, you need to be cautious about installing a wall safe in the room of your children. To protect your child, be assured that the wall safe is perfectly hidden in that room.

With a Remote Control Frame

See what’s next?

A Remote control frame!

This is one of the best ways to hide your valuables. An electronic picture frame will be attached to your safe. The only way to unlock the safe is utilizing the remote control.

Burglars cannot do anything without the remote control and code. Even if they can break into the electronic picture, they would have to find the correct code for your wall safe.

Overall, due to 2 levels decoding, this is probably the safest method

Behind a Bookcase

Another special place is the reading room. How can the thieves imagine that we’ve hidden our wall safe in the reading room?

There are many different ways to cover your wall safe behind a bookcase.

A wall safe after the bookshelf

For example, if you press an area in the bookshelf, or pull a “secret” book, or move something, the bookcase will open to reveal the wall safe.

Let’s try one of them now!

Final sayings,

Purchasing a wall safe is one of the best options to secure your valuable items. After owning one, you may wonder how to hide a wall safe in your home.

I hope that after reading this article, you will no longer worry about that. Thieves and burglars will never be trouble in your life since then.

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