How to make a wall safe to protect all of your valuable belongings? Keep on reading our tutorial to finish this project successfully!

Which are the best places to hide your valuables? Sometimes, it might be where most people do not expect.

Have you already made a wall safe in your home? If not, you might think twice about this after checking out our article.

Not only will we go through the importance of having a wall safe, but we also provide 5 straightforward steps to complete one by yourself.

In our project, we will help you to make a super reliable wall safe which only you (and maybe I) know about. No one can recognize, even if he/she is looking directly at its surface.

Why Do You Need A Wall Safe?

The presence of home safe cannot provide unlimited protection. For that reason, rather than encouraging the burglar to steal the whole safe and run away, it is much wiser to hide it somewhere.

Do you expect space-saving, easy installation, , secure, and reliable? A good wall safe ticks all the boxes.

How To Make A Wall Safe?

How To Make A Wall Safe?-via: Internet

Now you have known how significant a wall safe is. But that is not all.

Want to see the best part? Below are five simple yet necessary steps on how to make a wall safe:

Step 1: Buy A Wall Safe

Which Are The Best Wall Safes To Buy?-via: Internet

Thieves often break into your houses, hit, and run away in less than ten minutes. They probably have no time to open your wall safe or remove it from the supporting wall.

Water protection, fire resistance, easy installation, or secure locking mechanism comes as the standard of a home wall safe.

On top of that, a lot of wall safes are built to withstand the temperatures of up to 1550 degrees Celsius for about 60 minutes.

There are hundreds of wall safe models available on the market. They vary in types, styles, sizes, and designs.

You had a better count on a store specializing in high-class safes or a reliable lock and safe company. Some trustworthy brands include Protex, HMC Holdings LLC – First Watch, Paragon Lock and Safe, and BARSKA.

Step 2: Where To Install A Wall Safe?

Where To Install A Wall Safe?-via: Internet

There is no doubt that you need to find a location for the wall safe you’ve just bought. It is not only a place to install your wall safe but also where you can hide it from others’ eyes.

Even though the burglars do not know the password, it is important to keep them at bay. Then, you are free from worrying about burglars stealing the safe and open it later.

Regarding the best places to install a wall safe, what is the first answer to come to your mind? Ting! A master bedroom or its closet! Unfortunately, they are also the first locations a burglar might check.

The best place should not be too obvious. But it is where you can easily find and remove. Thieves will probably ignore these hard-to-open spots during their quick in and out.

Some highly recommended places to install your wall safe are:

  • Behind an electrical outlet;
  • Behind a piece of furniture;
  • Behind a door;
  • Behind a bookcase;
  • Behind a picture frame or a painting;
  • Inside a closet behind clothes;
  • Inside a kid bedroom;
  • Inside the laundry room.

Step 3: Cut Into The Wall

With a brace, a drywall/reciprocating saw, and a 1/2-inch bit, quickly drill some wall holes at the outline’s opposite corners. You should closely follow the lines you’ve drawn earlier.

Instead of cutting straight through, it is much better to create a plunge cut. The holes should be inside the stud. That way, they can serve as the vertical sawing guides right after the studs are exposed.


Behind the wall might be electrical wires, plumbing, or other sensitive materials. They are invisible to outsiders. Be careful or you might damage them when cutting into the wall.

This is the point when we must announce a word of warning: You should pay extreme caution when you cut into sheetrock. Otherwise, consulting a licensed structural engineer before you cut into any wall is not a bad idea.

Step 4: Build The Headers

After you have removed the drywall, the next step is to build the headers.

To fit the headers between the studs, you have to calculate, estimate the size and cut four 2 × 4’s first. Headers will support the weight of the wall safe and the items inside.

Luckily, you can double the headers. Just use 16-penny common nails to nail two two-by-fours together.

Step 5: Install A Wall Safe

How To Install A Wall Safe?-via: Internet

Finally, it’s high time to complete your hidden wall safe installation! Slide your wall safe into the cavity, and use the lag bolts coming with your safe to mount it.

Because of the secure locking mechanism, the heaviest part of any wall safe is its door. Thus, you should hold up its corners carefully so that the door will not fall out on you.

Now, all you have to do is to set a unique code. It should be something significant to you while everyone cannot easily figure it out. Then, you are good to go!

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Final Verdicts

A wall safe is a brilliant invention for any business or household. But sometimes you might find it a little frustrating to make one at home. To save you much time and effort, we are here with our post on “How to make a wall safe.”

Hope that what I have shared with you today can give you some useful tips on this complicated project.

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