So, you have a safe installed in the wall that needed to be taken out? Proceed to how to remove a wall safe here to get this moving premise done correctly.

There will be a time you need to relocate your wall safe or dispose of it.

But safe removal is a choice between the quality of the safe and the value of the wall. The task may cost either to be ruined.

That is why you need to learn how to remove a wall safe to make the removal free of hassle and efficient.

How a wall safe installed?

It’s not hard to picture. You got a safe recessed into a wall with the door revealed for accessibility.

A wall safe

This setup saves space and keeps the secret away from curious eyes. Some house owners even make a cover with artwork or wall clock.

Wall safes offer a discreet place for your belongings. It also provides protection against environmental factors and fire.

How to remove a wall safe?

Many wall safes have compact sizes to fit shallow walls, but plenty of them are on the bulky side.

Moving a safe demands skill to take out the lock without damaging the content inside.

Depends on where you installed the safe, removing it may require different techniques. It’s most likely that your lockbox is on the wall, behind a painting, or on the floor. So, here is what you can do you remove it.

What you need

  • Drill
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Regular screwdriver
  • Pry bar
  • Vice grips

Step 1: Remove the content

Many items inside the safe can weigh it down. It may cause you difficulty handling the locker. You may want to take out the valuables before removing the box.

While moving the safe, there is no way to avoid lifting and shaking. If your interior is fragile, it can get broken. Otherwise, solid items will leave indentations on the metal surface when impacted.

Also, take away the shelves will give you spacious space to maneuver. Voiding the safe leaves room for you to access in the next step.

Step 2: Unbolt

Chances are you had more than four anchor holes where screws are driven into the wall or stud. There you will see little black covers veiling the bolts.

At this point where you can’t reach the black holes, use the vice grips to pick the covers out to expose the bolts.

Unscrew these bolts with the drill in a counter way. Apply the same manner to the rest of the holes.

Step 3: Pry out

Once you got all the screws out, it’s time to remove the safe.

We recommend wearing gloves to avoid the sharp edges of the metal box.

Use the oblate head of a screwdriver to create a gap between the wall and the safe. If you don’t want to hurt your wall, try not to put too much force.

Simply insert your fingers into the gap and pull out the box on the four corners. You may need some help if the safe is too heavy.

Or you can use the pry bar if the locker stays tight in its resting spot. Note that doing in this can leave marks on the wall.

There you have the safe removed from the stud wall.

How about safe on the floor?

The safe on the floor

Lockers on the concrete ground floor may take some time to remove.

These safes are typically more massive to store more essential valuables.

Follow the same procedure to remove the content and the shelves. Unscrew the bolts then lift the security safe off the hole.

Chemical installation

Gluing the safe could be how you established your in-wall box. This method is more or less permanent for a wall safe to be set up.

You may end up with the box sticking tightly to the wall that will not come out. That is why this installation method is more preferred when the house owners want their safe box to be fixed in one place. Once it’s glued, no more move.

Doing it yourself may cause severe damage to the box’s base as the glue tends to give a long-term effect.

In this case, you will need special help from a safe removal team. They will have a solution to treat the chemical.

Final line

Removing a safe can be more comfortable than putting it in. But be aware that you will have a hole on your wall or floor. So, do have a plan to fill that cavity.

Generally speaking, taking out the safe box does require you to know how to use the equipment, though it is not something an individual can’t do.

Gather some help, grab the tools and you will be able to get the job done in no time.

Source: Best Wall Safe

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